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Studio scales is a multidisciplinary design studio, represented by a duo of designers, Carole-Ann Kay Tremblay and Raphaël Brassard. With a background in architecture and a bachelor's degree in environmental design, we have become close collaborators and have completed nearly fifty projects.

Based in Montreal, this studio specializes in architectural design, interior design, scenography, and urban installations. Drawing inspiration from art, culture, and the environment, we approach each project with curiosity and synergy to create customized solutions for our clients, regardless of the scale.

Creative process

Storytelling plays a central role during the sketch phase of a project, because by creating captivating stories, we build strong connections with our clients and their aspirations.

This makes it possible to create unique spaces with transitions, a strong identity and distinct emotions.

We are committed to providing innovative design solutions and pushing the boundaries of creativity. With studio scales, you can rely on our expertise and professional approach to bring your ideas to life and transform your spaces into unique and inspiring environments.

Carole-Ann Kay Tremblay et Raphaël Brassard Designe intérieur

Ready for our next creative challenge, looking forward to collaborating with you!

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