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1:1 scale

object and furniture design

Conceptualization and development of unique products, offering customized solutions to meet specific needs, combining functionality and aesthetics.

1:50 scale

interior design and scenography

Creation and realization of interior spaces, architectural installations, temporary pavilions, or scenographies that captivate attention (immersive and impactful environments). Whether it's for residential, commercial, or event projects.

1:100 scale

architectural design

Conceptualization and production of architectural projects, whether it's a new construction, renovation, or expansion. We ensure that each project complies with current standards and regulations while reflecting the unique values and aspirations of our clients. Our expertise extends to residential projects < 600 m², 1 to 4-unit "plex" buildings < 300 m², and commercial projects < 300 m².

1:250 scale

urban design and events

Creation of public spaces, urban furniture design, landscaping, and public installations. Our approach combines originality and sustainability to transform outdoor environments into dynamic and welcoming places.

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