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2nd SKIN


In response to the call for projects from the Fashion + Design festival, focused on innovation, multidisciplinarity and artistic expression, we presented an object that is located between installation and sculpture, offering a perceptible experience through the ephemeral and the immutable. This object, on a human scale, explores a strong duality between the exterior and the interior, each possessing very distinct aesthetic and plastic qualities. This duality is expressed by the representation of a second skin sublimated by the first. We see this installation as an ode to self-discovery through fashion and design!


For a long time, clothing has been comparable to a second skin, a fluid, textile epidermis that provides protection, warmth and style. This second skin is made from a vast palette of colors and textures, offering endless combinations.


This reflection guided our proposal. Even the most beautiful fabric created by the greatest designer cannot breathe new life into a dull or lacking in confidence personality. In the same way, on a catwalk, a model lets the public experience what the clothes evoke through their gestures, their poses and their gaze.


The exterior, sober and neutral, represents clothing, while the interior is dressed in a single bright color juxtaposed with different materials (concrete, wood, metal, textile and mirror), representing personality and self-expression of the individual. A curved bench is located at the end of the module, inviting visitors to sit and rest for a while. Two available entrances lead to a route that allows visitors to move around as they wish.


Through a stroll through Place des Arts, we offer the public a random journey where they can admire, explore and question themselves in front of this installation!

Project type

Call for projects




1:50 - urban installation


Place-des-arts, Montreal, QC

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