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The global Covid-19 pandemic has deeply impacted numerous sectors, particularly the arts and culture. Faced with this challenge, we aimed to innovate by launching a cultural initiative, specifically an immersive art exhibition that blends architecture and design.

INTERLUDIUM, between paralysis and agitation, illustrated, addressed, and questioned new forms of exhibition and interactive art. This immersive art exhibition was to be a time-limited public event, during which artistic works, craftsmanship, and media arts were presented, centered around a specific theme, through exhibitions and projections. The goal was to promote and showcase the work of diverse Quebec artists in an unusual and vacant location due to the Covid-19 pandemic, such as a parking lot, warehouse, or corporate space.

In a harmonious aesthetic between artistic creation and technology, each stage of the journey offered a unique ambiance in connection with the theme of INTERLUDIUM, between paralysis and agitation. This experience allowed for contemplation and appreciation of Quebecois art.

Project type

Research and development




1:100 - exhibition design


Montreal, QC

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