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This research project aimed to create an assembly to facilitate the daily life of everyone, using only two materials: a plywood board and a sheet of steel. No glue or hardware (screws, nails, bolts) was allowed to combine these two materials.

We therefore decided to create the "Get Ready!" An organization station where the user can hang their backpack to store everything they need and be well-organized before heading to school or work.

The "Get Ready" consists of a carved wooden shelf (with holes, inserts, and hollows) to place certain essential items, as well as two folded and strategically bent strips to insert the shelf. The challenge was to make the joint and folding system of the wall brackets strong enough to support a backpack and its contents. Our project was selected for its simple system and precisely calculated angles.

The installation is done in three simple steps: attach the wall brackets using screws, once securely anchored, insert the wooden shelf into the folding slot, then place your bag on it!

Project type

Product development




1:1 - object design


Montreal, QC

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