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The clients approached us for a major project, that of partially dismantling the chalet they had just purchased and moving it to their property. The transport had to be carried out between two small municipalities, one located on the north shore of Montreal and the other on the south shore. Our mission was to design the establishment of the chalet in its new location, as well as its expansion.


The chalet is made up of three distinct volumes: the existing one, the glass passage and the extension. The organization of spaces is deployed along two axes, namely the lateral connection of the three volumes and the transverse connection at the passage level, which constitutes an essential link between the front and the interior courtyard. The rhythm of the openings makes it possible to maximize views of the forest while benefiting from natural light, thus integrating the chalet into the landscape while giving it a soft and harmonious interior atmosphere.


Variations in roof levels and interior ceilings give each space a distinct character. The expansion of spaces and the play of scale provide balance to the home, combining majestic spaces with raised ceilings for the family living rooms compared to the existing ceiling, which houses the bedrooms.


From the inside, the reading of the volumes is preserved and is materialized by wooden frames which allow passage from one room to another. The integrated furniture elements are positioned in the space in order to optimize the open plans of the different rooms, such as the living room bookcase which fits into the thickness of the arch, and the desk which fits into the depth of volume and opens onto circulation.


The Durivage chalet is distinguished by its decomposed volumetry, offering a variety of spaces with a distinct character, which combine the connection with the landscape with the intimacy of the family

Project type





1:100 - architecture


Frelighsburg, QC

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