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"Bouleversements Marins" is a traveling exhibition that took place at the Maison de la culture Ahuntsic-Cartierville, highlighting the influences and artistic practice with diverse languages explored by Carmelle Pilon. Mindful of the relationship between the individual and their environment, the artist dedicated herself to a study of the upheavals of our oceans, thus nourishing her reflection and creating her first prints and paintings around this central theme.

Carmelle Pilon, a visual artist, has developed an artistic practice over the past decade expressed through various mediums, such as painting, printmaking, and installation. Her catalog includes over 260 works, with 172 belonging to private and corporate collections.

In addition to the technical design and layout, we envisioned the scenography of this exhibition as an intuitive and dynamic journey. We chose to periodically group the works to create contemplative moments, thus echoing the movement of waves depicted in the entire collection of paintings. This experience is complemented by a soundtrack accompanying the exhibition, a musical composition by the Franco-Iranian artist Arash Khalatbari.

The interpretive tools have helped to enhance this collection and create a genuine emotional experience.

Exposition marine arts visuels à Montréal
Plan d'une exposition d'arts visuels à Montréal
Arts visuels exposés à Ahuntsic

Temporary exhibition




1:50 - scenography


Montreal, QC

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